Katiya Academy was founded around late 2015. The main purpose of the academy is the education for the adult using latest technology. The immediate focus of the academy is to alleviate language illiteracy among the adults mainly disenfranchised population.

According to well-known definition of an illiterate person who is unable to read and write

There is an increasing number of the young population who are opting out their own native and official language for rich languages such as English. In case of third world countries such as Indo-Pak subcontinent the middle and rich classes have been encouraging their children to learn the English language and discouraging learning their own mother tongue

The academy will experiment and design one or more language courses using latest programming coding which will be supported by almost all popular computer platforms such as PC and mobile using Windows, iOS, Android platforms etc.

Since the mobile devices such as SmartPhones are readily available in poor countries, Our main priority is to make this course best viewable in mobile devices such as smartphones. We anticipate that this courses using larger screens such as desktop computers may be less presentable. Eventually these courses will be designed in mobile Apps so that the courses may be used offline without the internet connections.

Our Approach

Since these courses will target to the illiterate audience who communicate their language orally but unable to read or write. In this connection the academy will mainly focus on the reading and proper pronunciation Alphabets, phonetics, recognition of join letters in case of Arabic-based cursive scripts. Writing of a language both handwritten and with the keyboards and digital dictionaries. The Academy assumes that this courses will mostly helpful for the illiterate persons who understand and communicate orally in their own native language but unable to read and write. The Academy anticipate that these courses will also help reading and writing for those who are learning as a second language. This courses will designed for tools for the educators in mind since the illiterate audience will have limited or no access to the courses because their inability to read.


The academy is a division of Jariya Humanitarian Organization is a Canadian based Federally Incorporated Non-profit Organization (NPO) that was created around December 2014. Jariya has entered into collaborative partnership agreements with several local and foreign charities with similar objectives